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Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 - download book review

Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012
Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012
Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 is the sequel to Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, the #1 fitness franchise on Kinect for Xbox 360. Exercise your way with a fun and customizable experience that delivers serious results. Your Shape includes over 90 hours of activities, so you can design a workout tailored to your fitness level, goals, schedule and preferences. Focus your workouts on specific muscle groups. And choose from fitness activities like Boot Camp, Cardio Boxing, Jump Rope and Yoga, and new dance classes like Latin, Hip-hop, African and Bollywood. The state-of-the-art motion tracking provides feedback on your moves, and now tracks floor exercises like push-ups and sit-ups. With Your Shape Center, share and compete with your friends and the global community.

Your Shape exercises include...
  • Boot Camp
  • Cardio Boxing
  • Jump Rope
  • Latin Dance
  • Hip-hop Dance
  • African Dance
  • Bollywood Dance
  • Zen
  • Yoga
  • Muscle specific – Abs, Arms, Legs, Glutes, Back
  • Wall Breaker
  • Stack 'em Up
  • Kick 'em
  • Run the World
  • Sports Preparation
  • And more...
 Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 features:-
New Fitness Routines
New Fitness Routines
New Fitness Routines – With classes like Boot Camp, define and tone your body, improve your cardiovascular fitness and get motivated with an in-game trainer that provides feedback on your workout.

Have Fun Getting Fit
Have Fun Getting Fit
Have Fun Getting Fit – Have a blast burning the calories away with activities like Jump Rope, Wallbreaker, Stack 'em and Kick 'em. Great fun for the whole family!

Floor Exercises
Floor Exercises
Floor Exercises - Enhanced motion tracking now provides precise feedback on exercises like sit-ups and push-ups, so that you can tighten and tone your abs and arms.

New Dance Classes
New Dance Classes
New Dance Classes – Shake it up with Latin dance moves such as Cha Cha Cha, Mambo and Merengue. Hip-hop, African and Bollywood classes also offer a wide selection of sizzling and sweat-inducing routines.

Key Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 Features

  • Fitness Activities for Everyone – Over 90 hours of activities, including Boot Camp, Cardio Boxing, Jump Rope and a medley of Dance classes

  • Highly Customizable Fitness Experience – Design a workout tailored to you based on your fitness level, goals, schedule and preferences

  • State-of-the-art Motion Tracking Technology, Now with Floor Exercises – Enhanced motion tracking provides feedback specific to your body, and now includes floor exercises like push-ups and sit-ups

  • Focus on Specific Muscle Groups – Exercises targeting Abs, Arms, Legs, Glutes, Back and more

  • Share and Compete with Friends – Through Your Shape Center, share and compete with friends and the global Your Shape community 

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one Trick to flatten your stomach while driving

Here's a unique exercise to help flatten your stomach while driving

flat sexy stomachIf you're already a reader of my Truth about Six Pack Abs manual, then you may already know this unique trick... it's basically a simple exercise that you can do anytime, anywhere to help get a flat stomach over time.
Now I will say that this exercise does NOT increase fat burning, but it CAN help to flatten your stomach by strengthening your deeper transversus abdominis muscles and hence "pulling in" a lazy stomach (aka beer belly or "pooch belly").
It involves doing an exercise called "ab vacuums".
I find it a good time to get in the habit of doing daily ab vacuums while driving on your daily commute or another time that would get you in the habit of doing them regularly.
(please make sure this doesn't distract you from driving safely... I find that it doesn't distract me at's certainly much safer than driving while on the cell phone!)
Of course, ab vacuums can be done anywhere and don't have to be just for driving, but I've found that it helps me to remember to do them if I do them at a specific time when driving regularly.... this could be while driving home from the gym every time, or perhaps during your daily commute to work.
Ab vacuums are simple:
You can do ab vacuums pretty much anywhere, at any time.
You can do them standing, seated (such as in a car), kneeling in a four-point position, or even lying flat on the floor.
The movement is as simple as pulling your belly button in as far as you can by imagining you're trying to touch your belly button to your spine and holding for 10-20 seconds at a time.
Start by inhaling deeply. Then, as you exhale, start pulling the belly button in towards the spine and hold it there for 10-20 seconds while just taking short breaths. Repeat for several holds.
Get in the habit of doing this at least 4-5 days per week while driving somewhere and you may find that this helps to flatten your stomach more by strengthening the transversus abdominis muscle (the deep abdominal muscles beneath the rectus abdominis) if you previously had a "lazy belly".
Like I said, this exercise doesn't increase fat burning... it only helps to flatten a round stomach that has lazy deep ab muscles.
If you want a true "six pack abs" appearance, you obviously still need to burn off the body fat that covers your abs... and that calls for a fully encompassing workout program (not just ab exercises), a strategic nutrition program, and the right mindset for success.
get lean flat abs & lose belly fatThis idea of "ab vacuums" while driving is just one of the dozens of tips and tricks found inside my Truth about Six Pack Abs manual.  If you don't already have a copy, see what other readers are saying about Truth about Abs here
Or if you have questions whether the Truth about Abs program is right for you, go here
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Free Video for Women with Tips to Get a Flat Stomach - WOW video

fitness woman Free Presentation for Women:

The video presentation on this page will show you some great tips on how to lose your belly fat and get a lean sexy stomach. This isn't any kind of gimmick... this is real science on the healthiest type of nutrition plan that eliminates your cravings, unique types of full body workouts that stimulate the burning of stubborn abdominal fat, and most importantly -- the mindset tips and tricks that you NEED in order to maintain your own perfect body for the long term.  Remember:  Watch the entire video, as the end will surprise you!
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