Sneak Peek about the future of health now course

Sneak Peek about the future of health now course

Hello my dears,

This is the fifth part in our course ( the future of health now course ) so I hope you are ready to learn more secrets to make you slim.

Here is a "Sneak Peek" of Just Some of the Content We Have Been Preparing for You...and This is Aside from Being Available to Answer Your Pressing Questions From Day ONE.

August 2012: Lies, Lies, And Finally The Truth About Safe, Effective Fat Loss

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What diets work best for health and weight loss: Is it low-carb, low-fat, plant based, meat based, paleolithic...or what?
What exercise is most effective for getting the body you want? Is it cardio, weight lifting, Slow Burn, Yoga, Zumba, P90X, or something you've never heard of?
How in the world is a rational human NOT going to be confused?
The solution?
Let's get the prominent weight loss and fitness experts on one teleclass and make them answer all of your questions...with a moderator that keeps them honest.
And this isn't the stuff of tabloids, although there might be some disagreement...but this is going to be respectful to make sure you get the facts.
And hey, we are more than curious ourselves. And we will keep on digging until we get the answers...
And it isn't just about a webinar. During this month we will reveal some cutting edge software that will dramatically increase your chances of being successful.
Plus we are going to review all the ingredients that are being advertised as weight loss aids, and report on which ingredients meet the standards of science.
And, one of my favorites is our "myths of the month", and in the case of weight loss, we are having a field day!
That is not quite all, but let's just say we haven't seen anything that digs as deep on the subject of weight loss...and remember with 33.9% of adults over the age of 20 considered OBESE and 34.4% considered OVERWEIGHT, obesity is quickly becoming the #1 health problem in the Western World.

September 2012: Brains...Preventing Alzheimer's, And Peak Cognitive Performance

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If you can't balance on one leg and pull on your pants, it's a very serious sign your brain is aging way too fast and may even be in premature decline...
Is there anything you can do? The answer is YES...but many doctors will tell you NO.
We were told for years that you only have a limited number of brain cells. Scientists discovered in 1998 that new neurons can be formed at any age. That's over 10 YEARS AGO!
This discovery started an entire new study of the brain called neuroplasticity. Exciting discoveries were made...and, for the most part, never shared outside the medical community.
Now begins a new day...get ready to find out more about neuroplasticity and how you can actually change your brain and make it younger.
There's nothing more important than taking care of your unhealthy brain leaves you defenseless, unable to connect and take care of your loved ones, and if you have an ounce of vanity (like we all do) can leave your skin wrinkled and your body in shambles.

October: Hormones, Your Body's Master Key

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Enjoy exciting new information about Andropause (for men) and Menopause (for women).
Remember what it felt like when you were young? Have you been led to believe that "once it's's gone?"
Don't believe the old, outdated health myth that there's no way to get your hormone levels back to a youthful range.
This month we tell you how.
In fact, every month we bring you access to the hottest topics in health as well as the medical discoveries and innovations that give you a true health-advantage in safeguarding your well-being and that of your loved ones.


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