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Additionally when you become a member you will get access to the 20 Exclusive Founding Interviews!

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The Summer 2012 FOHN Founding Interview Series - Regular Price $997.00 - YOURS FREE!

20 exclusive interviews from doctors and thought leaders from places like NASA, Harvard, Cambridge and Stanford, share 100% science-based discoveries to end: aging, disease, pain and obesity, that seem like they're from the future, but exist now. Every interview reveals fast, simple solutions you'll use immediately. You'll hear from:
  • Rewriting the Rules for the Optimal Body - Tim Ferriss
  • Lower Stress and Build Resilience Naturally - Dr. Rollin McCraty
  • Strengthen Your Life with Brain Power - Dr. Daniel Amen
  • Control Your Weight and Achieve Optimal Health - Daphne Oz
  • Fat Loss Secrets For Successful Body Transformation - Dr. John Berardi
  • Whole Foods for Health - John Mackey
  • Overcoming Diabesity to Achieve UltraWellness - Dr. Mark Hyman
  • Hormone Balance for Men and Women - Dr. Shira Miller
  • Safe Solutions for Menopause - Dr. John Monaco
  • Lose Weight Quickly with Neuro Fitness - Dr. Kareem Samhouri
  • The Future of Age Reversal - Dr. Aubrey De Grey
  • Enhance Brain Power and Memory - Dr. Cynthia Green
  • Outsmart Your Genes - Dr. Brandon Colby
  • Movement Techniques that Keep You Young - Anat Baniel
  • Genetics, Nutrition, and Weight Loss - Dr. Scott Stoll
  • The Truth About Why You Get Fat - Gary Taubes
  • Using MindSight to Reverse Brain Age - Dr. Daniel J. Siegel
  • Vitamin D: The Key to Health - William Grant
  • Control Blood Pressure Without Drugs - Steven Wood
  • Transform Your Life From the Inside Out - Bill Phillips

PLUS, 2 FREE Additional Bonuses from our Experts to get you up-to-speed even faster!

Become a Member now and you'll receive access to these three exclusive bonues as our free gift to you ...
Changing Your Emotions  a New Approach to Stress Management

FREE Additional Bonus #1 - Regularly $14.95

Dr. Rollin McCraty

Changing Your Emotions – a New Approach to Stress Management e-Book

Until recently stress research and treatment has largely derived from a belief that mental processes alone govern or activate the body's stress response. Now the Institute of HeartMath's scientific monograph, Emotional Stress, Positive Emotions, and Psychophysiological Coherence, presents in layman's terms the latest stress research showing that emotions, more than thoughts, activate the physiological changes comprising the stress response. This important monograph compiled for the landmark book, Stress in Health and Disease, explains the science and psychophysiology of stress and HeartMath's simple tools and utilization of positive emotions for permanently managing your stress and breaking the cycle of recurring negative emotional patterns. You'll learn about the heart's central role in your emotions and your overall well-being, why certain undesirable emotions seem to come up over and over and how you can stop these recurring negative emotional patterns. Besides gaining new understanding of how the heart, brain and rest of your body interact with one another to determine how you think, feel and act, you'll also learn two important HeartMath emotional, mental and physical self-management tools.
Solving Sleeplessness: Peaceful Sleep

Free Additional Bonus #2 - Regularly $7.95

Dr. Rollin McCraty

Solving Sleeplessness: Peaceful Sleep MP3

Sleeplessness or insomnia is more common than many people realize. The National Sleep Foundation reports that disordered sleep stems most commonly from stress. Trying to keep pace with high-speed technology and communication multitasking, ever-exploding information, and the fear, anxiety and anger in ourselves and others can propel our emotions into overload. Stress accumulates during the day and we often take it to bed with us at night, tossing and turning or not sleeping at all. This book includes HeartMath's Heart Lock-In® technique, a powerful, nonpharmaceutical solution to help you start getting the uninterrupted, refreshing sleep you need more often. Personal stories and instructions guide you in using this tool to achieve heart coherence, a state of balance in which you are more effective during the day and more peaceful at night.

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Remember earlier when we told that having Alzheimer's increases your health care costs by more than $20,000?
Here are some other scary numbers...
According to a recent study at George Washington University, the annual cost of being overweight is $524 for women and $432 for men. And the cost of being obese (A BMI of over 29) is $4,7879 for women and $2,626 for women.
According the New York Times, the cost of diabetes is over $6,000 a year.
And high blood pressure cost The United States over $93.5 Billion in 2010.
And finally, in a recent survey it was discovered that bad health is the number one reason why baby boomers retire sooner than anticipated...even though most can't afford to.
But more import is the experience of life.
When you are healthy you can engage with life and add value. When you are unhealthy, the opposite is true... can you afford that?

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Because this out kick off, we are making it ridiculously inexpensive to join our community, and after this Sunday, July 22...we will not be able to offer this price again because we won't be able to afford to.
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We are doing this because we need a large, strong, committed membership base to build upon if we are to succeed in affecting real change....
So now is the time to make your decision. We don't know what your health issues or goals are, or your true motivation for taking your health to the next level...but we do know the information and training we are providing can get you there.
Now it is up to you.


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