why should you trust thefutureofhealthnow.com fitness course

These are big promises! Why should you trust us?
These are big promises! Why should you trust us?

These are big promises! Why should you trust us?

Whole Foods heard of our mission and immediately got behind us as our #1 supporter.
And Zynik Capital Corporation, a private investment company with $3 billion in assets under management, promised to support us in any way possible to make sure you and the other members of our Member community would be the first to benefit for many years from the New Health Movement.
In fact, Nadeem Kassam, one of Zynik's directors, was recently named one of the Top 10 People Transforming Healthcare by StartupHealth.com, AT&T, and the California HealthCare Foundation at the 2012 SXSW show in Austin Texas.

Here's a quick run-down on the topics we've already lined up moving forward (and why Future of Health Now Members may soon be the healthiest people on the planet):

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  • August: Why can't you lose weight?
  • September: Your Brain: Fixing Your Brain, Reversing Cognitive Decline, Slowing Down Alzheimer's, and Peak Performance.
  • October: Hormones: Your Body's Master Key, Andropause (for men), Menopause (for women) and Anti-Aging Peak Performance.
  • November: 24/7 vital sign monitoring right on your wrist...forget all the other apps and devices, THIS is the #1 device to own. Plus, it looks like a cool watch.
  • December focuses on The Silent Killer...
  • 2013 and Beyond! We're searching for the world's greatest experts on pain relief, brain health (it's about more than Alzheimer's), cancer, anti-aging, immunity, genetic testing, sleep, stress and fighting disease before it has a chance to invade your body.


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